Top Secret to Raising African Cichlids

Understanding how they behave is the number one secret to taking care African cichlids. These types of fishes come from a rocky environment and are known for their aggressive behavior towards their type. In fact, their level of aggression increases when two exact sizes live in the same aquarium. To assure of success before creating a kingdom of African cichlids – ask yourself these four questions.

One, how I will design my aquarium?

Research how Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika and Lake Malawi look like. Copy how the feel and formation of rocks are made. African cichlids love to have caves and rock beds.

Two, what other types of African cichlids to get? (Be sure to get the ones with no incompatibility issues)

There are over six hundred species of African cichlids and each has their own style of living. It’s either you ask a professional aquarist if your chosen cichlids are compatible with each other or you make a thorough research if what fishes are compatible with your chosen type.

Three, what to feed them?

African cichlids can be herbivores, carnivores or omnivores. That’s why; it’s important to choose the right food to feed your fishes. It does not have to be expensive and commercial. As long as the food is a healthy food for your fish, buy it and know when to feed them.

Four, how to cure their diseases?Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)?

Experts say the primary cause of fish diseases is a dirty or incorrect set-up of aquarium. Therefore, keep your aquarium clean by purchasing the right size, by cleaning it twice or thrice a month and by having a good filtration system.

African Cichlid Males: The Dominant & the Subordinate

There are two types of Male African cichlid – the dominant and the subordinate. In fact, it’s easy to identify a dominant male from a subordinate. Dominant males show off their vibrant scales, has the urge to control the female and easily outperform passive males in the community. While subordinate males are known for their non-dominant behavior, these fishes are sexually suppressed and their testes are smaller than those dominant males.

A team of researchers in Stanford University as led by Jacqueline Kustan studied the physiological differences between a dominant and a subordinate male. They want to know if the social environment can influence the ability of an alpha male to reproduce.

The team started their experiment by picking two alpha males from different communities. The males have equal size and both are placed in a tank filed with three or four females. After twenty-four hours, one of the male becomes passive and allowed the other male to dominate.

The team decided to remove the alpha male from the tank. The other male quickly ascended in the hierarchical ladder. The cichlid becomes aggressive by swimming around to protect its territory. He also lured the females, engaged in mating dance and successfully reproduced new fry.

After the experiment, the team concluded non-dominant African cichlid can easily reproduce if they are only given a chance. They are only investing energy in reproduction. When the right moment to dominate comes, their behavior switched immediately (Physorg, 2011).

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Cichlid throat swollen, 8 brown pellets?

i have had an african cichlids that is about 2 in. long for about 3 yrs. he was not eating and i noticed his “throat” was a bit swollen. i looked in his tank today and noticed about 8 brown pellets. i took them out and they were soft. when i crushed one is was filled with a brownish liquid. any idea what this was? there are no other fish in the tank. thanks

Ways of identifying a Male and Female Cichlid

The most common problems from a beginner cichlid hobbyist is identifying if there cichlids is male or female. It is difficult or even impossible to identify the gender of non breeding individuals. As a fish lover, we would like to know if our cichlid is male or female but it is not easily to differentiate but there few things that you can apply. These are various ways on identifying if your cichlid is a male or female. Identify the gender of a fish are more likely to be able to multiply your cichlids. But if you consider to breed your cichlids, it is more better to search more before seeking a breeding pair. Cichlid are belong to a diverse group, that would take a small novel to give a specific gender of a species.

Males are slimmer, but they are more larger than the females. But there are females that are larger than the male so the size is not indicator. Females are also rounder and belly is more emphasize. Males are more vibrantly colored. The convict cichlids have orange on the belly and males lack the orange. Females changes their color particularly during the breeding cycle. The dorsal and fins of the female is more flowing than the male which are pointed and larger. There are species that the display egg shaped of the female are marking at the anal fin. Some males have a bump on the head that we called a nuchal hump. But in aquaria, females can get also humps so the presence of the humps is not also the indicator of your cichlid is male or female.