Ways of identifying a Male and Female Cichlid

The most common problems from a beginner cichlid hobbyist is identifying if there cichlids is male or female. It is difficult or even impossible to identify the gender of non breeding individuals. As a fish lover, we would like to know if our cichlid is male or female but it is not easily to differentiate but there few things that you can apply. These are various ways on identifying if your cichlid is a male or female. Identify the gender of a fish are more likely to be able to multiply your cichlids. But if you consider to breed your cichlids, it is more better to search more before seeking a breeding pair. Cichlid are belong to a diverse group, that would take a small novel to give a specific gender of a species.

Males are slimmer, but they are more larger than the females. But there are females that are larger than the male so the size is not indicator. Females are also rounder and belly is more emphasize. Males are more vibrantly colored. The convict cichlids have orange on the belly and males lack the orange. Females changes their color particularly during the breeding cycle. The dorsal and fins of the female is more flowing than the male which are pointed and larger. There are species that the display egg shaped of the female are marking at the anal fin. Some males have a bump on the head that we called a nuchal hump. But in aquaria, females can get also humps so the presence of the humps is not also the indicator of your cichlid is male or female.