The Art of Aquascaping: Principle #4 – Choosing the Right Layout

Aquascaping comes in different layouts. Some of these layouts are easy but most of them are hard. It’s up to you what to choose the right layout and why you are choosing it. Simply choose the layout that’s perfect for the tank’s size and according to your personal liking.

According to Birgit Wolfgang, there are four common types of aquarium layout (below the texts are the photos).

The concave setup emphasizes the high arrangements of plants on either side but it’s low in the middle area.

The convex setup focuses on low on each side but high in the middle.

The triangular setup is giving emphasis to high getting lower to the other.

Lastly, the rectangular setup is always high everywhere and will not give you any free areas.

Concave Layout

Convex Layout

Triangular Layout

Photos courtesy of: Aquatic Plant Central

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